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Damon Salvatore in Season 4 Appreciation Week (DS4AW)

Day 4 : A moment that broke your heart.

We all know that Damon has been in pain from 4x01 to 4x23 (except 4x07). So choosing just one moment is extremely complicated. But the thing that hurt me the most is seeing him “give up”. After hearing literally everyone telling him that Elena didn’t really love him, and it was all due to the sire bond, he kinda gave up yeah, gave up on the idea of being worthy of her love. How could he think that she was really in love with him when he’s heard so many times that it would “always be Stefan”. These moments in 4x14 “She only needs one of us” and in 4x21 when he’s stepping back because he thinks that Stefan is the one who will once again, be the source of love for Elena’s humanity, are the ones that hurt me the most, because he’s alone, trapped in his darkest insecurities, again, like always,

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of all the choices I made this will prove to be the worst one but I’m not sorry that I fell in love with you.

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Delena + “selfish” I the evolution (for Trueloveisdelena)

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i’m not sorry that i met you

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vampire diaries + objects

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Loving him was Red

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